Sunday, March 25, 2007

draw the line (ported from myspace)

so i'm really tired about now. just returned from dc this morning...woke up at 330's now ~2am EST...but i'm physically back in the good ol' PST. hmmmm....i suppose the evens of the previous week were not all that exciting. i went to dover (DE) for work tues thru thurs...which meant that i travel'd 2 days as i extended that into a long weekend afterwards and just flew back sunday after a few days in DC. it was good times... (i'm going to skip thinking about work for now as that is going to be forced upon me all too soon...i think the alarm is set for 0530a)...actually...i think the only piece that i'm going to mention is that my sleep schedule was all jacked up...which made for some oddly early mornings...which i used for bible time :) totally stoked on that, as I have been telling myself that i would do that for too long now. continuing on that thought, i spend about an hour on the plane home today reading in corinthians....1cor5:9-13 i think was the section that really kicked my butt. i'm a total schmuck...and that section just floored me. i plan to spend quite a bit more time in the ensuing weeks reading my bible. i have said that in the and on, but i'm really striving for what i would call a "step change" if i were at work and trying to impress. so much opportunity in little motivation. i suppose that's what God is for in our lives...motivation...or rather, purpose.

so anyways...the thought that i was really going to try to penetrate in this brain tap can actually be found in the subject. i'm not usually this organized...but i think that organization is actually a great parallel thought for "drawing the line". what i'm talking about is living with intent. it is much too easy to just live life day to day....even as a christian....and just get by. so living with intent...or drawing the line came up when i was thinking about music. i love music. it really connects with flows in me...i can feel it in my me and music? we get along. so having said that...i was thinking about what kind of music that i listen to. i listen to almost every kind of music...not too keen on a few types on the extremes here and there, but for the most part...i listen to everything. (generalization). so i was wondering....thinking about how that impacts me. not just the music. but the lyrics...the emotion/intent behind the music. for instance...if i'm listening to techno..i'm more likely to drive faster (proven) and if i'm listening to salsa or merengue...i'm more likely but on that note...if i'm listening to Nine inch nails' animal...that's going to put some sexual thoughts into my head...or whatever. i think that's about what i'm saying. so what i'm saying is that on this very same note...draw a line. what kind of music...what lyrics...what i ok supporting. not just financially...though that is another completely valid point to argue...but support in that i'm advertising my purpose with whatever music i listen to. i suppose there are a few artists out there that are stretching what i should be listening to (using my own internal compass) but i'm going to make more of a concious effort to think about that before adding something to my playlists. additionally, i'm planning on reapplying this same line of thinking (hence the "draw the line" subject for this whole thought...this whole new theme for my life)...i feel that this is something small...that has HUGE (can i go bigger on that caps?) HUGE...impact on my life. from my the do i go to the church that i do? why do i do this or that. brain is running on reserve right now and i'm getting this might not even have made too much sense.

let's see...other lingering thoughts? there was some stuff that i was actually going to post as private (for the first time)...but i think i will just leave it where it is and chew on it internally for a bit more before purging. other than that...i think i should go grab some late night water, and get busy sleeping. life is a burden...share yours with God (first)...with others...and dont waste something with it...glorify God day after day.

aside: i have to do some research on jehovah's witness' sometime this week as well...picked up a short conversation worth of info and i feel that it is worth digging into....