Friday, May 30, 2008

me.(us).now (ported from myspace)

so today finds us on the north shore of oahu...just hanging out. here's google's version of our locale...pretty sweet diggs if you ask me :) we're not where the (F) is...we're in the hotel overlooking the pool and "turtle bay" ;)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

pseudo-political commentary (ported from myspace blog)

regarding this article:

i'm not typically politically vocal...i won't talk about things that are political as a general rule. there is too much "media" involved in that whole scene...things are "spun" and slanted or interpreted...they lose their true meaning in is terribly difficult to determine the true platform without reading what they hand out in their "platform papers"...or official documents that are sent out, detailing where they stand on this or that issue.

retrospectively, this isnt truely a political commentary so much as a general commentary on the media putting their take on things and impacting the way we live our lives or perceive the world around us. personally, i think that the bush administration and the US media have instilled such a fear of people that are different in us that it is hard to just live life anymore. we are afraid of black people...because they might be in a gang...we are afraid of people with tattoos because they are probably in the hells angels...or junkies...we are afraid of people who wear "middle eastern garb" because more than likely, they are hiding a home made bomb (IED...improvised explosive device) underneath...and in this case, we are afraid of people who wear clothes that over 1 billion people wear daily (a white scarf with black print on it). this is such a joke...and it is yet another ridiculous example of people who speak up...just to make a splash in the stir the pot just a little bit more (the lame blogger that commented on the dunkin donuts ad) and that continue to instill more fear in americans of people that are "different".

I for different. things like this make me want to dress up in "terrorist garb" (wear a scarf) or whatever and force people to see things differently. i am sick and tired of the media holding power over us, telling us what we should think when we see someone wearing this or that or having this or that tattoo on their bodies. people FEAR way too much and LOVE way too little. all of this is so counter to what i makes me sick that a huge, diverse company such as dunkin donuts cowers to some lame blogger commenting on a piece of clothing. LAME...WEAK...this is not the america that i want to be attached to. i am ashamed to be called an american if this blogger and this company act this way and are tolerated.