Tuesday, April 29, 2008

quit folding...start (un) (ported from myspace blog)

not sure...just thoughts. its as though when life is "balanced", my brain is not full...but when I am engaged in what life is doing...what is going on...participating and stretching myself...then my head fills. but it is a different kind of full. I still need breaks in life...still need to decompress...but compared to my head being full of "golly i'm bored with life and i wish i had a direction to run in"...it's sweet. i do things that i enjoy doing and that i'm good at. it's insane to me how obvious God's plans are now that they are unfolding...but how confused and almost resistant to this direction I was when i could not see the direction...makes me feel dumb that I didnt recognize it earlier but also proud that I have been entrusted with such gifts. GOD IS SO AMAZING :) I'm constantly in awe of this puzzle that is my life...fitting one piece together at a time. I'm not saying that i really think that i'll ever have all the pieces in place...at least not while i'm on this earth...but it is fun to see it unfolding in front of me...in me...in my head...my little head. anyways...i'm not really sure...what was what...but that was it

:) Smiles from kyle :)