Thursday, October 28, 2004

Del Taco vs Taco Bell (ported from myspace)

This is something that I have been pondering for quite sometime now. I used to be all about the bell, but lately, I have definitely siding with Del Taco. I think there's something in the sauce that makes their tacos and whatnot taste just a little less artery-hardening. Actually...I can't hardly remember the last time I went to a Taco That used to be THE fiend food for me after a good session at the beach...which I have been doing weekly now, for quite a few months . It is one of the greatest things...being out in the water and catching a sweet wave. Today was amazing. Something about that storm that we had caused the waves to be completely out of their normal sync. I boogie board at hueneme pier on wednesdays after work and it is usually just the casual south swell beach break. Today, the waves were from the south, but there was an extra current which almost seemed to be coming from the east...if you can imagine that. The beach at Hueneme is east-west (hence the sweet breaks with most south swells)...but...yeah. Anyhow, the combo of those two forms made the waves nice and random, but huge! I felt like I was in one of those surfing videos, the way the waves would just pop up out of nowhere and barrel like there was no tomorrow. I caught quite a few sweet rides...some of the best in my life. Mike and I had to celebrate with a nice round of all you can eat fish and chips from Andy's Seafood (the little joint at the pier). Anyhow...yeah...good afternoon today...back to the mines tomorrow ;)

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