Tuesday, February 26, 2008

(_to self_)


change...is so relative
change is based on perspective
if I didnt change my socks would you notice?
if I changed my mind, would you care?
if I asked you to change the color of your hair, would you?
if I asked you to move to ohio would you?
if God asked you to start a church in north carolina, would you listen?

how close are you to me?
how well do you know me?
how close are you to God?
how well do you know God (and his voice)?
do you listen?


are you willing to change?

do you yearn for change?
does change scare you or excite you?

(do i have any change in my pockets?)

i dont know how to change
change is so foreign...so different (very insightful)
if I change, do you have to as well?
who am I to ask anyone to change?
how much (change) is too much?

(which underwear do i have on today?)

why do I feel that God is asking me to change?
how much is God asking me to change? (not that i care)
what am I gaining by changing? (my underwear)
it is not what i gain, but what I gain for God


is inevitable...fun...dynamic...good...difficult...necessary..._(become more christ-like)_...


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