Friday, January 28, 2011


Yeah, I know I'm still a pup...ok, maybe not a pup but at least still what some people call young. But I'm sitting here at a coffee shop in Hueneme watching this group of what look to be retired people sitting around drinking coffee...taking care of their dogs, probably getting ready to go for a walk before heading home in time for their favorite soap opera

...and I'm thinking to myself...I dont want to be that kind of retired.

I don't want a job that tires me out and makes me WANT to be retired.

I don't want a job that feels like a job...

I am going to work towards keeping a job that's exciting...that you wouldnt have to pay me to do...but more importantly, a job that makes a difference. I dont want to be the next trump, jobs, gates, zuckerberg, roosevelt, kennedy, churchill...I am going to be another harper, bridges, gibbons, wilmoth...not satisfied with just getting by or having buildings put up with my name on it (after all, there's already a stadium named after me in Texas...) or anything that will fade. I'm not going spend my time developing the next big Theorem, designing a new stealth fighter, fusion technology or long-life tire (though those things are all very cool) - I'm going to do things that make a difference - feeding the hungry, housing those in need, taking care of those who can't care for themselves, striving to spread the love of God in THIS world...NOW...every day through my actions AND my words...through my LIFE.

You may call me idealistic (or a dreamer, lol)...but I call me a realist, grounded in the power of in this world (the same world that you live in).

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