Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Life Efficiency Consultant

Continuing along my journey towards self realization and onward towards an overall more efficienct and sustainable lifestyle, I feel that I have happened upon a title that roughly summarizes a job that I would enjoy.  The "Life Efficiency Consultant".  Y'see...I dont like charging people for things that I'm passionate about and that generally works.  What's beautiful about improving the efficiency/sustainability of one's life is that it generally comes with cost savings.  Assuming the customer is actually interested in making changes...installing PV Solar Panels have a very attractive ROI...replacing the daily commute machine with a motorized bicycle...aka scooter saves substantial money...replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact flourescent bulbs or better yet LED bulbs pays for the bulbs very quickly and saves tons of money in electricity.  I documented my own expenditures and savings and everything paid itself off within a few months and since making the initial improvements, I have gradually been moving from CFLs to LED bulbs, starting with the high usage areas of the house.

So efficiency consultant.  That's me.  Not quite anything I would call a part time job or even a formal engagement at this point, but definitely something I can do and will gladly help anyone do for free.  Paying too much for your monthly electricity/natural gas/gasoline bill?  Hit me up.  I love this stuff. I'm not the master of any specific area but from what I've experienced and read...a few quick and easy changes that come at almost no lifestyle cost can vastly improve the efficiency and sustainability of your life.


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