Sunday, November 07, 2004

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (ported from myspace)

...and a spoon full of suger. Go figure. Welcome to sunday! If you are reading this, that means that you have survived another weekend. Congratulations! You have successfully passed one of the tests required for entry into the next work week. Aren't you excited? Another five full days of work. Whether that means 8-5, 2-10 or some other ludicrious combination of 8 working are in. Hopefully, you have spent the time to find a job that you enjoy and those 8 hours will fly by...1 through 5 and you might not even notice the smooth transition into the next weekend. HOWEVER!!...if you are on the other side of the fence and you have fallen into a job...and subsequently, found yourself stuck, tied down by bills and other vices of this wonderful world...Monday means that you are re-entering the hell that is work....struggling hour after hour...just to pay for the car that transports you to your least favorite place to pay for the food that sustains you through your working pay for the clothes that wear you all day long at your job...chafing you in places unseen. Oh sweet life, rescue me from this nightmare that is 5/7...aak! is it life that we search for? is life looking for us? are we being sought out by that which we have spent many an hour pondering and searching for ourselves? "our greatest fears are now reality" JM does this mean that life is work...and nothing more? are we to struggle through 5 only to live 2? those two turn to blah when we find ourselves lost in time, searching for the daily routine that we have been trained to follow. our body's clock is set to the timing of the employer...our lives are set around the dollar. we do not search for the freedom that we can have, as we have never known it. life is a mystery novel, with the killer's face ever hidden in the shadow. we wander aimlessly in search for something that will fill the void. time is nothing until we turn white, as we all must. day after day...sunrise sunset...faster faster...payday is still 13 days off. save save...vacation is coming....spend spend..holidaze are here....wee!!

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