Thursday, December 16, 2004

disclaimer (ported from myspace)

Blogs for me...
start with an idea, a feeling. They go and grow from there into what, i do not know. I open my mind and let it flow, straight from the incipient stage idea all the way the the ending "." I do not edit my thoughts, just let them straight out through my fingertips. As a result of this stream of conciousness flow of words...y'all get to see some thought processes.
Maybe it was something I have been thinking about for a few months, maybe it was just the fact that I didnt like how the guy in front of me at the grocery store smelled...but something got me thinking and I just let 'er rip from there. critique...umm...feel free...I'm not into negativity...I might post your comments...or I might just delete them, seeing as how we really do have enough negative people in the world already and I see no point in spreading bad vibes on MY page. HA! yeah...that's about it for now.

Currently listening:
Room on Fire
By The Strokes
Release date: 28 October, 2003

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