Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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So...talking...is very interesting. i think i'm actually a pretty boring as far as normal day to day conversations go. some people are good at making the day to day conversation...actually digging for the details (whether they are interested or not is a different story) and remembering stuff from the last time they talked (how was your vacation to bla bla? were you able to catch any rays?) i guess i strive for that sort of conversational expertise in that i do like getting to that level of conversation with people, i just have a hard time with it when i'm not really interested in what the person is doing. that's when i get to the "how's it goin'?"'s and the "'sup?"'s

sok and I went and heard max lucado speak at church this past weekend and he was basically echoing the thoughts of the author's of "Now, Discover Your Strengths". for the most part, it was that kinda speech, but he went to the next level. he was saying that not only should you find your strengths (god given gifts: talents, innate abilities, desires, etc), but you should strive to apply them to the best of your ability. and when you do that...it naturally follows that you will enjoy yourself at work and in doing that, you will glorify god while at work (i know, that seems like quite a concept)...this is backed by scripture (i wanna say somewhere in corinthians...hold on...nevermind, i dont have it on my desktop). anyways...that sounds great...so first...i have to discover my strengths (i guess that's where the book could help) and then, go find a job where I can best apply the gifts that God has given me so that I can make the most of my life (as max put it, there is only one of me in the world and there will only ever be one of me...so i have to be the best me that I can be...be the me that God wants/wanted me to be). and the best part is that when i find that job, i will be happier and i will enjoy what i do and be able to do it to the glory of God every day. wow...sounds like a plan to me, seeing as how 1:3 americans HATES their job and 80 perccent of americans do not feel energized or "enthuzed" about their job (per the aforementioned Max). hmm...i guess that's where i get lost. i can say that i'm pretty good with numbers...and that mechanical stuff comes pretty naturally to me...i guess computers are fine, too...i love reapplying someone else's hacks to phones...programs...mp3 players...anything electronics related and see it work...and help other people with it...but i'm not really sure where God wants me to go with these innate desires, skills and talents (no, not $1million dollars, i'm talking talent like talent show : ) oh well...as i say all the time, at least i'm thinking about it...and that, in itself, is a step in the right direction. blarg. life is difficult...i guess that's why we should work hard at being christlike (see philippians 2:1-5) so we can go to heaven, where (after)life will be goooood.

i'm not sure where i'm going...with my life here on earth, but i sure am trying hard at something...i struggle...it's what i do. oh...getting back to that first point of conversation. i guess i feel like i'm not that good at conversation, but that I am a pretty nice, friendly guy in general and that people like me (and i like people) BUT, i just suck at (what i deem to be) meaningful conversation. i think sokny is great at conversation (her and her brother, lao). i have told them this. in fact...sokny and i went to dinner with my grandparents on our way back from sean salehi's wedding (FYI, he's married, for those of you that might know him) and i learned more about my grandparents in that 3hr period than in the rest of my life (almost)...seriously...just being there, spending time with them and interacting. i didnt know that my grandma had her masters degree from USC or that they met at a presbyterian church function...so much neat stuff...that's one of the reasons that i'm stoked about sokny. she is good for me. she stretches me. not that we don't have our issues...but (at least) we're talking about 'em. :D. um...yeah, so i'm just about spent...it's tuesday?...the 10th? 10 more days until seattle/whistler...fun : )

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