Thursday, December 14, 2006

power'd by google (ported from myspace)

well...not really. in bremerton right now...running the brother OS...paternal twin even...ubuntu. i prefer the K distro...probably for almost innate relations with the whole K concept...but it's saturday. i'm just hanging out at chris' house with mr dent as well. suprisingly, we are all still awake, even after a long day of snowboarding at whistler this morning and a long drive back...with a stop along the way at a |)3|..||..|Yz. lovely food...great times on the ferry...nice to be able to talk to the woman without having to worry about silly canadian international phone minutes (don't they know they are just an extension of the US?). that reminds me...i should check to see what the real deal is with cingular charges...ah...i will probably have to wait for that bill to come in before checking that...they are pretty retarded about it. anyways.

i suppose i really don't have much to say..i'm a little sore right now. had a good time in whistler...always terribly sore after boarding though i'm afraid i'm probably a bit more sore than normal as I have not been running AT ALL haha...lame, i guess. the woman likes running with me...i'm just lazy. whatever. i'm in shape for most things. i guess if it really was a priority to me, i would do it. more for the workout than anything, as i'm not about doing things just to do them...usually has to be for a reason. whatever...i REALLY don't have anything to say, which probably means that my mind is mush because i'm supposed to be asleep right now. lolout

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