Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state, mental processes, etc.; the act of looking within oneself.

hmmm...i kinda like phonetic spelling...much easier...much more intuitive. oh well. what's weird about life is that we as humans dont really know everything about ourselves...throw into the mix that we don't know everything about how to communicate with others...and it's just an ugly mix. it's like some sadistic game...perhaps i'm just getting a little too pessimistic. bored...tired...maybe i will just flex out of here after lunch today...take like a 6hour extended lunch and just go wire up my car. tired...am i entitled to be entertained? is that a right of passage in the modern world? funny how it's almost an expectation now. "are you not entertained?" hah. nailed it. what a great movie. that's how i feel here at work sometimes...like my job is just to parade the puppets around and put on a good show. funny how the things that i percieve as being "value add" are the ones that usually fall to the floor, but the ones that i know are just smoke and mirrors cause the biggest stirs...and get me the most "glory". bah...i need to go be pseudo productive for the next 2.5hrs so i can go home.

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